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Discover Your Power Through Personal Coaching

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Hi, I’m Jon

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

From Syracuse, NY, Jon Raineri is the owner of Team Raineri LLC. With years of experience in competitive bodybuilding and personal training, Jon specializes in lifestyle coaching and bodybuilding transformations.  Jon has always been driven to be a winner, and that same passion transpires through his work and client results. He believes no two clients are the same and he brings the innermost potential out of everyone he works with.

Introducing Team Raineri

A Proven Way to Change and Challenge Your Body

Before Team Raineri LLC became a business, it was a lifestyle Jon grew a passion for from a young age. Being a client of Team Raineri means supporting an idea that was built from the ground up, on the foundation of hard work and humility. It means being a winner, developing a strong mindset, and having clear direction in the process. 


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